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Welcome to the TYM – the Transnational Youth e-Magazine for youth policy, youth (media) activism and promotion of democratic values!

What is TYM?

TYM is the voice of youth and about youth.

A space where youth stories are told and shared globally.

A virtual widow through which Europe and Latin America meets youth initiatives, problems and activities from all its parts.

A place that promotes and supports youth activism and where ideas and examples of good practices are exposed and shared.

An initiative for forging young future reporters.

The home of youth media activism.

TYM publishes a variety of media contents – texts, photos, caricatures, video-clips – created by young people, youth workers, experts, and all others that wish and have something to say about youth policy.

Geographically, TYM is primarily targeting European, Latin American and African countries, but it also publishes important news and initiatives in the field of youth policy worldwide.

The e-Magazine gives special attention to youth media activism, wishing to present the examples of best practices of using different media for youth activism.

Besides authored articles, TYM also gathers together relevant articles from other web-sites. It is thus a virtual space where visitors are able to get information about the international situation and problems of youth policy, and the place where young authors are able to write articles and other content intended for improving the youth policy internationally. In this respect, it has vital importance for the intraregional and trans-regional association, understanding, coming together, promoting dialogue and cooperation.

Welcome to the world of TYM, both as readers and authors.

The right to publish in the magazine belongs to everyone!


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This e-Magazine has been created as part of the international MEDIActive Youth project implemented within the Erasmus + Programme.

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