The concept of Artificial Intelligence

written by Youssef Hssikou, Morroco

Artificial intelligence has its advantages and disadvantages, like any other innovation. However, AI could control our fate in the future as it has the ability to change it for the better or worse.

Let s talk about money?

written by Pavel Smulski, Estonia

The youth in Estonia aspires to earn an average of 1900 euros net, with their salary expectations increasing much faster than other age groups, rising by 18% over the past year. These findings were derived from a labor market study conducted by the job portal and the agency Palgainfo.

Raising the creativity of children through art

written by MS DJAOUAHIR DJELAILI, Algeria

Understanding creativity in children is a multi-faceted exploration that underpins their holistic development. In the context of child development, creativity can be defined as the innate ability to generate novel ideas, thoughts, and expressions, often transcending conventional boundaries. It encompasses various dimensions, including imaginative thinking, problem-solving prowess, and the aptitude for self-expression.

Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board Project has started


MEDIActive Youth is an international youth initiative of improving youth media literacy launched in 2015. Within two previous Erasmus+ MEDIActive Youth projects capacities of 22 youth NGOs from Europe and Latin America have been raised, a Transnational Youth Magazine (TYM) has been launched, website and multilingual online courses have been created. The overall objective… Continue reading Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board Project has started

Navigating the Mental Health Landscape for Youth in North Macedonia:
Challenges and Pathways to Support

written by CID, North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, the landscape of mental health among young people reflects a dynamic interplay of societal, economic, and individual factors. While the country boasts cultural richness and historical significance, the challenges surrounding youth mental health persist, demanding comprehensive attention and proactive measures to support the well-being of its younger generation.

Bridging Gaps: Empowering Egyptian Youth by Overcoming Gender Disparities

written by Sara Bekhiet , Egypt

In the vibrant tapestry of Egypt’s youth, a persistent challenge weaves its way through the dreams and aspirations of young women – gender disparities. While progress has been made, societal norms and structural barriers continue to cast shadows on the opportunities available to these promising individuals.

Empowering Youth Through Media Literacy: Navigating the Complex Digital Landscape

written by Ghita Metboue, Morocco

Media can be a powerful tool for empowering young people to become actors of positive transformation in their communities and beyond. Referring to advocacy and community building, media can help young people to connect with others

How COVID-19 has affected youth

written by Magdalena Jevtić, Serbia

Since the outset of the pandemic more than 70 per cent of youth who study or combine study with work have been affected by the closing of schools, universities and training centres. According to some reports many young people have said that they were learning less because of the transition to online school…

Youth unemployment in Latvia

written by Sandra Pereca and Anita Stirane, Latvia

According to the European Union Statistical Bureau “Eurostat” data on youth employment, Latvia has the highest youth unemployment rate in the Baltic countries. What are the possibilities of integration into the labor market for youth in Latvia?