Finland: The land of libraries

written by Slađana Ribać, Serbia

Finnish library services for children and young adults are an integral part of Finnish society, education and societal life. After World War II, Finland started a rapid rise towards being a modern nation. Reading as a pastime hobby gained popularity, there were more education possibilities, the level of education was on the rise and young people spent more years in school instead of starting to work early…

The Return of the Debate on Abortion

written by Marija, Augusta and Gabriele, Lithuanian team

The issue of women’s right to abortion, after effectively being resolved decades ago with the worldwide consent about it, is currently returning with a vengeance. It is particularly discussed nowadays when taking into consideration that various countries are making it illegal…

Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board Project has started


MEDIActive Youth is an international youth initiative of improving youth media literacy launched in 2015. Within two previous Erasmus+ MEDIActive Youth projects capacities of 22 youth NGOs from Europe and Latin America have been raised, a Transnational Youth Magazine (TYM) has been launched, website and multilingual online courses have been created. The overall objective… Continue reading Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board Project has started

Migration in Honduras

written by Patricia Lourdez Diaz, Honduras

For the majority of Hondurans surviving on less than a dollar per day, the famous “American dream” seems like the best option, even though they know going to the States illegally bears risk of losing their lives…