Youth Activities in the Balkans

written by Ena, Aleksandra and Milena, North Macedonian team, North Macedonia

People in the Balkans share quite an intensive amount of experiences, including their intertwined past but also present, especially in the cultural aspect. They share the same food, with some small regional variations, same expressions and mannerisms, and to some extent the same preference in music.

The Game of Lie

written by TADJEDDINE Hayet, Algeria

In our society where technology took over our personal lives, It’s really another world behind our phone screens, a perfect world, everything is complete. We see thousands of stories and publications every day and we don’t know who’s real, who’s perfect and who’s just hiding behind his phone screen.

MediActive Youth Project
website created


As part of the “Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board” project coordinated by CDER, a special website dedicated to media literacy and media activism of young people was created: The overall project objective is to build the capacity of youth organizations, youth workers and young people, and to develop new educational online resources in… Continue reading MediActive Youth Project
website created

Youth unemployment in Latvia

written by Sandra Pereca and Anita Stirane, Latvia

According to the European Union Statistical Bureau “Eurostat” data on youth employment, Latvia has the highest youth unemployment rate in the Baltic countries. What are the possibilities of integration into the labor market for youth in Latvia?

Unveiling the Shadows: The Menace of Social Media Bullying

written by CID Makedonija, North Macedonia

In the digital age, social media platforms have transformed the way we communicate, connect, and share information. However, this unprecedented connectivity has also given rise to a darker side of interaction – social media bullying. As these platforms have become integral parts of daily life, the prevalence and impact of online harassment, cyber-bullying, and digital abuse have gained alarming momentum, posing serious challenges for users worldwide.

Navigating the Mental Health Landscape for Youth in North Macedonia:
Challenges and Pathways to Support

written by CID, North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, the landscape of mental health among young people reflects a dynamic interplay of societal, economic, and individual factors. While the country boasts cultural richness and historical significance, the challenges surrounding youth mental health persist, demanding comprehensive attention and proactive measures to support the well-being of its younger generation.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence

written by Youssef Hssikou, Morroco

Artificial intelligence has its advantages and disadvantages, like any other innovation. However, AI could control our fate in the future as it has the ability to change it for the better or worse.

Issues with Youth Employment in North Macedonia

written by Katerina Kamchevska, Northern Macedonia

Like in many countries in the Western Balkans, youth in North Macedonia faces the same issues related to unemployment. In general, the job market is too limited and restricted to offer opportunities for the youth, starting with the capital, Skopje, and extending to other cities where the population and economy are significantly lower.