Finland: The land of libraries

written by Slađana Ribać, Serbia

Finnish library services for children and young adults are an integral part of Finnish society, education and societal life. After World War II, Finland started a rapid rise towards being a modern nation. Reading as a pastime hobby gained popularity, there were more education possibilities, the level of education was on the rise and young people spent more years in school instead of starting to work early…

Navigating the Mental Health Landscape for Youth in North Macedonia:
Challenges and Pathways to Support

written by CID, North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, the landscape of mental health among young people reflects a dynamic interplay of societal, economic, and individual factors. While the country boasts cultural richness and historical significance, the challenges surrounding youth mental health persist, demanding comprehensive attention and proactive measures to support the well-being of its younger generation.

Success and problems of Estonian youth

written by Pavel Smulski, Ruta Pels and Denis Poljakov, Estonia

Estonia is the leading education nation in Europe. Best in PISA tests, country became a role model for digital education and remote learning, but salaries are lower than in Western Europe. The only promising and well paid sectors are management and IT. Not all specialists can find work in these areas…

Kill Your Darlings

written by Afraa Maiza, Tunisia

Do you know what the saying “kill your darlings” means? “Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.” ~Dalai Lama I asked on Facebook about the topic of “giving up attachment,” and I collected some opinions: Sufyan says: “To be attached to… Continue reading Kill Your Darlings

Raising the creativity of children through art

written by MS DJAOUAHIR DJELAILI, Algeria

Understanding creativity in children is a multi-faceted exploration that underpins their holistic development. In the context of child development, creativity can be defined as the innate ability to generate novel ideas, thoughts, and expressions, often transcending conventional boundaries. It encompasses various dimensions, including imaginative thinking, problem-solving prowess, and the aptitude for self-expression.

Violence against teachers

written by Lazar Uzelac, Serbia

We remember and retell pranks from school, and in them there is always that “crumb of childhood”, naivety and clumsiness of youth. But, in the case of the professor from Trstenik, it about the intention to completely humiliate this professor, to, in the literal sense, make her fall on the floor and to immediately post video of this heinous act on social networks.

Yugoslavia disappears, mixed marriages disappear

written by Marija Marinković, Serbia

The news that 14-year-old Mahir Rakovac from Sarajevo killed himself at the end of 2014. after harassing a student from the Turkish-Bosnian school he attended would not be complete if we did not mention that the unfortunate boy lived in a nationally mixed, Croat-Muslim family…

Anxiety as a Leader of Young Millennials

written by Aleksandra Bogdanovska, North Macedonia

A person dealing with mental disorder has historically been looked down on, shamed or excluded from normal everyday activities. Although, some mental illnesses or disorders can make a person sometimes violent or unpredictable, this is often vastly exaggerated by the media…

Youth and Decision Making

written by Marija, Augusta and Gabriele, Lithuanian team

Young people often face tremendous pressure when it comes to making long- term decisions. That can be observed mostly during the time when they have to choose a University to study, or when they have to make a decision to move away from their hometown or to live abroad…