Success and problems of Estonian youth

written by Pavel Smulski, Ruta Pels and Denis Poljakov, Estonia

Estonia is the leading education nation in Europe. Best in PISA tests, country became a role model for digital education and remote learning, but salaries are lower than in Western Europe. The only promising and well paid sectors are management and IT. Not all specialists can find work in these areas…

The Disunited Kingdom

written by Ksenija Petrović, Serbia

The European Union arguably faces its greatest crisis so far, with the covid-19 entering and United Kingdom definitely leaving its borders. But, what about Britain?

Erasmus+ app

INFO, European Youth Portal

The Erasmus+ is now available in one app giving you access to the different Erasmus+ opportunities, as well as guidance through the processes surrounding your mobility.

Anxiety as a Leader of Young Millennials

written by Aleksandra Bogdanovska, North Macedonia

A person dealing with mental disorder has historically been looked down on, shamed or excluded from normal everyday activities. Although, some mental illnesses or disorders can make a person sometimes violent or unpredictable, this is often vastly exaggerated by the media…

Youth Activism in Albania

written by Romina Begaj, Albania

There were not many NGOs or reliable sources of information 10 years ago in Albania, so only a part of the youth was really active in the society. Now the situation is completely different for everyone who wants to reach that information, especially for young people who are beginning to understand they can take part and speak for themselves…