Youth Employment Struggles in Honduras: A Call for Action

written by Maria Sanchez, Honduras

According to recent statistics from the World Bank, Honduras has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Latin America, with over 40% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 unable to secure stable employment. This staggering figure not only reflects the economic challenges facing the country but also highlights the systemic barriers preventing young Hondurans from entering the workforce.

Reconsidering Education: Understanding Why Estonian Youth Drop Out and Delay Entry into the Labor Market

written by Pavel Smulski, Estonija

Youth, opting out of education and delaying entry into the workforce, face a growing problem. In the European Union, the proportion of unemployed young people aged 15 to 29 was 11.7%, and in Estonia – 10.6%, which is still too high. In the Netherlands, with their highly organized education system, this figure is only 4.2%.

Bridging the Digital Gap: Navigating Access to Technology Among Egyptian Youth

written by Tarek Soliman, Egypt

In the bustling streets and neighborhoods of Egypt, a digital divide silently echoes through the lives of the youth. As technology becomes increasingly intertwined with education and economic opportunities, the disparities in access to digital tools and the internet pose significant challenges for many young Egyptians.

The importance of youth empowerment

written by Imane Aknioune, Morroco

Empowering the youth gives back to society by forging a strong generation of young people; a generation that is well equipped with knowledge, skills, and competence to contribute to society, and shape a better future. Empowering young generations makes an impact not only on the lives of young individuals but also on the well being of communities and nations.

Bridging Gaps: Empowering Egyptian Youth by Overcoming Gender Disparities

written by Sara Bekhiet , Egypt

In the vibrant tapestry of Egypt’s youth, a persistent challenge weaves its way through the dreams and aspirations of young women – gender disparities. While progress has been made, societal norms and structural barriers continue to cast shadows on the opportunities available to these promising individuals.

Let s talk about money?

written by Pavel Smulski, Estonia

The youth in Estonia aspires to earn an average of 1900 euros net, with their salary expectations increasing much faster than other age groups, rising by 18% over the past year. These findings were derived from a labor market study conducted by the job portal and the agency Palgainfo.

Unveiling the Shadows: The Menace of Social Media Bullying

written by CID Makedonija, North Macedonia

In the digital age, social media platforms have transformed the way we communicate, connect, and share information. However, this unprecedented connectivity has also given rise to a darker side of interaction – social media bullying. As these platforms have become integral parts of daily life, the prevalence and impact of online harassment, cyber-bullying, and digital abuse have gained alarming momentum, posing serious challenges for users worldwide.

Empowering Youth: Navigating European Policies with Youth Wiki

written by Dragan Mitić, Serbia

In an era dominated by digital information, the Youth Wiki emerges as a groundbreaking platform that sheds light on the intricacies of European countries’ youth policies. Developed to empower young individuals with knowledge and insights, Youth Wiki is a digital compass navigating the complex landscape of European youth initiatives and policies. Let’s embark on a… Continue reading Empowering Youth: Navigating European Policies with Youth Wiki

Mental Health Challenges Among Egyptian Youth: Breaking the Stigma

written by Nouran El Beltagy, Egypt

In Egypt, mental health challenges among the youth are prevalent, with statistics revealing a substantial need for attention and reform. According to a survey conducted by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, nearly 25% of young people aged 18 to 29 reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression.