The importance of youth empowerment

Imane Aknioune, Morroco

In this article, I will do my best to explain how empowering and investing in youth will create a real chance for a society to develop. Empowering the youth gives back to society by forging a strong generation of young people; a generation that is well equipped with knowledge, skills, and competence to contribute to society, and shape a better future. Empowering young generations makes an impact not only on the lives of young individuals but also on the well being of communities and nations.

For start, confident and self-assured young individuals understand their abilities, independence, and self-value. They are open to exploring new experiences, possess the courage to take risks, and view failure as a learning opportunity rather than a reason to quit. They don’t rely on others’ opinions to navigate their path, stand up for their principles, and have a solid foundation of self-empowerment to turn to during tough times or when they need to find their way again. Furthermore, empowered young people experience a sense of confidence and competence, eagerly engaging as active participants and team players, driven by enthusiasm to discover how they can influence the world around them.

Secondly, when the youth are given access to the highest qualities of education, training, and part-time job opportunities, they are more likely to become productive, creative, and valuable assets and contributors in society. In addition to that, supporting the youth leads to economic growth and development by creating a very aware market that can make well-thought and strategic decisions, therefore, achieving sustainable development goals. Youth are a power in the hands of every nation, it must find a way to make use of it by providing them with all the necessities and helping them shape the future that it desires. 

Lastly, active participation of youth in civic society can only be seen as a subject of utmost importance, because, once they are encouraged and supported, young individuals are trusted to voice their ideas and concerns. And that, itself, plays a huge role in shaping policies and decisions that will affect the future of generations yet to come. It is a fact that bringing fresh ideas to the table can contribute to innovative solutions and more effective and inclusive governance. Since they represent the hands and minds of every nation, finding themselves in very decisive situations is only a matter of time. Therefore, for them not to find any difficulty in choosing wisely what benefits the society as a whole, including them in decision-making positions can no longer be viewed as a luxury but as a necessity.

To conclude, empowering youth shapes communities and nations. Our duties reside in providing them with the necessary tools and unconditional support, for them to feel comfortable to voice and bring out their innovative ideas, and engage them in policy-making for more transformative societies and brighter ones. That is why engaging young people through projects, volunteering, and activism, allows them to bring a positive change in their societies.