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The Return of the Debate on Abortion

written by Marija, Augusta and Gabriele, Lithuanian team

The issue of women’s right to abortion, after effectively being resolved decades ago with the worldwide consent about it, is currently returning with a vengeance. It is particularly discussed nowadays when taking into consideration that various countries are making it illegal…

Youth and Decision Making

written by Marija, Augusta and Gabriele, Lithuanian team

Young people often face tremendous pressure when it comes to making long- term decisions. That can be observed mostly during the time when they have to choose a University to study, or when they have to make a decision to move away from their hometown or to live abroad…

The misinterpreted feminism

written by Ruta, Pavel and Denis, Estonian team

Feminism is a fairly misunderstood concept amongst young people. By definition, feminism is concerned with women’s rights to equal opportunities and dismantling the patriarchal system in masculine societies…