Mental Health Challenges Among Egyptian Youth: Breaking the Stigma

written by Nouran El Beltagy, Egypt

In Egypt, mental health challenges among the youth are prevalent, with statistics revealing a substantial need for attention and reform. According to a survey conducted by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, nearly 25% of young people aged 18 to 29 reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Navigating the Mental Health Landscape for Youth in North Macedonia:
Challenges and Pathways to Support

written by CID, North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, the landscape of mental health among young people reflects a dynamic interplay of societal, economic, and individual factors. While the country boasts cultural richness and historical significance, the challenges surrounding youth mental health persist, demanding comprehensive attention and proactive measures to support the well-being of its younger generation.


written by ALEKS NAKOVIKJ, North Macedonia

INTRODUCTION Social media is a revolutionary internet platform that has drastically altered people’s perceptions of the world and has become an integral part of our society. As technology evolves and expands, social media is becoming an essential tool for daily social interaction. The fact that nearly 2.65 billion people use social media on the internet… Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA’S NEGATIVE IMPACT ON MENTAL HEALTH

How COVID-19 has affected youth

written by Magdalena Jevtić, Serbia

Since the outset of the pandemic more than 70 per cent of youth who study or combine study with work have been affected by the closing of schools, universities and training centres. According to some reports many young people have said that they were learning less because of the transition to online school…

Anxiety as a Leader of Young Millennials

written by Aleksandra Bogdanovska, North Macedonia

A person dealing with mental disorder has historically been looked down on, shamed or excluded from normal everyday activities. Although, some mental illnesses or disorders can make a person sometimes violent or unpredictable, this is often vastly exaggerated by the media…