Media misinformation and disinformation

written by Marina Medhat, Egypt

Media misinformation and disinformation is a major worldwide problem, as media plays a big role everyday in our lives. Everyone uses media for different purposes. In today’s society, it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s fake!, and we have seen more and more people fall victim to media – induced confusion, believing all kinds of fake stories which leads to unnecessary drama.

Violence against teachers

written by Lazar Uzelac, Serbia

We remember and retell pranks from school, and in them there is always that “crumb of childhood”, naivety and clumsiness of youth. But, in the case of the professor from Trstenik, it about the intention to completely humiliate this professor, to, in the literal sense, make her fall on the floor and to immediately post video of this heinous act on social networks.

Heal your depths

written by Afraa Maiza, Tunisia

If you tried everything and the disease is still there, if you have tried all kinds of medicine and no results, if you have pain in a specific part of the body and you have not found an explanation for it, if you follow a 100% healthy life, and yet you get sick with a serious diseases, if you do not find a reason for your illness, it may be an internal feeling resulting from traumas in life.

Yugoslavia disappears, mixed marriages disappear

written by Marija Marinković, Serbia

The news that 14-year-old Mahir Rakovac from Sarajevo killed himself at the end of 2014. after harassing a student from the Turkish-Bosnian school he attended would not be complete if we did not mention that the unfortunate boy lived in a nationally mixed, Croat-Muslim family…