Raising the creativity of children through art

written by MS DJAOUAHIR DJELAILI, Algeria

Understanding creativity in children is a multi-faceted exploration that underpins their holistic development. In the context of child development, creativity can be defined as the innate ability to generate novel ideas, thoughts, and expressions, often transcending conventional boundaries. It encompasses various dimensions, including imaginative thinking, problem-solving prowess, and the aptitude for self-expression.

Children‘s Rights in Tunisia

written by Malek Talbi, Tunisia

According to the Article 47 of the Tunisian constitution, “the state must provide all forms of protection to children without discrimination, in accordance with their best interest”. The gap between legal texts and their implementation, however, is exacerbated by the lack of an independent mechanism for monitoring children’s rights.

The conflict and forced recruitment: The tragedy of children and youth in Colombia

written by Marlon Ramirez, Colombia

For more than 50 years Colombia has been submerged in an armed conflict that has brought various consequences, among them the forced recruitment of children and adolescents, who are kidnapped by both guerrillas and paramilitaries to be able to continue the fight almost indefinitely…