Empowering Youth: Navigating European Policies with Youth Wiki

written by Dragan Mitić, Serbia

In an era dominated by digital information, the Youth Wiki emerges as a groundbreaking platform that sheds light on the intricacies of European countries’ youth policies. Developed to empower young individuals with knowledge and insights, Youth Wiki is a digital compass navigating the complex landscape of European youth initiatives and policies. Let’s embark on a… Continue reading Empowering Youth: Navigating European Policies with Youth Wiki

Brain drain and illegal immigration in Tunisia:
Bleeding from both sides

written by Afraa Maiza, Tunisia

Death boats, the name given to the boats that carry illegal immigrants on board. Boats carrying young people at the age of flowers, with their dreams, aspirations and hopes. But these are boats that don’t give life as much as they hope. These are boats that carry inevitable death, if not for all, then for the thousands of them.

MediActive Youth Project
website created


As part of the “Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board” project coordinated by CDER, a special website dedicated to media literacy and media activism of young people was created: https://mediactiveyouth.org The overall project objective is to build the capacity of youth organizations, youth workers and young people, and to develop new educational online resources in… Continue reading MediActive Youth Project
website created

Travelling in Europe 2016-17

written by INFO, EU

Europe: a continent with thousands of years of history, a rich cultural heritage and some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. So much for the traveller to discover and explore and all made much easier thanks to the European Union (EU)…