The importance of youth empowerment

written by Imane Aknioune, Morroco

Empowering the youth gives back to society by forging a strong generation of young people; a generation that is well equipped with knowledge, skills, and competence to contribute to society, and shape a better future. Empowering young generations makes an impact not only on the lives of young individuals but also on the well being of communities and nations.

Fake News: An invasion of the digital age

written by Youssef Chaat, Morocco

Fake news is a misleading or deceptive information deliberately created to manipulate opinions, generate clicks, or confuse the public. It can take different forms such as: news articles, decontextualized information, videos, manipulated images, or memes, and can spread quickly on social media, reaching a wide audience.

Empowering Youth Through Media Literacy: Navigating the Complex Digital Landscape

written by Ghita Metboue, Morocco

Media can be a powerful tool for empowering young people to become actors of positive transformation in their communities and beyond. Referring to advocacy and community building, media can help young people to connect with others

Entrepreneurship for women in the Arab countries

written by Ghizlane Echorrouque, Morocco

We believe that now we have reached awareness among young men and women in all Arab regions about the importance of the private project or entrepreneurship, as there is a great movement from the government sector and also from the private sector to support entrepreneurship

MediActive Youth Project
website created


As part of the “Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board” project coordinated by CDER, a special website dedicated to media literacy and media activism of young people was created: The overall project objective is to build the capacity of youth organizations, youth workers and young people, and to develop new educational online resources in… Continue reading MediActive Youth Project
website created

Media literacy training for youth workers successfully implemented


Within MEDIActive Youth project on media literacy, the training course has been successfully held in Belgrade from 25th June to 2nd July 2022. The training, hosted by Centar za drustveno ekonomski razvoj (CDER), had 21 youth worker participants, 3 from each partner NGOs. It was led by experienced CDER trainers. The goal of the training… Continue reading Media literacy training for youth workers successfully implemented

Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board Project has started


MEDIActive Youth is an international youth initiative of improving youth media literacy launched in 2015. Within two previous Erasmus+ MEDIActive Youth projects capacities of 22 youth NGOs from Europe and Latin America have been raised, a Transnational Youth Magazine (TYM) has been launched, website and multilingual online courses have been created. The overall objective… Continue reading Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board Project has started