Hair Color Stereotypes

written by Amina Vejselovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“I am not a person – I am a long list of assumptions.”  An Unknown Source Have you ever noticed how people often make snap judgments based on hair color? Hair color generalizations are inescapable in society, forming recognitions and affecting how people are treated both actually and professionally. These generalizations are profoundly ingrained, frequently… Continue reading Hair Color Stereotypes

Yugoslavia disappears, mixed marriages disappear

written by Marija Marinković, Serbia

The news that 14-year-old Mahir Rakovac from Sarajevo killed himself at the end of 2014. after harassing a student from the Turkish-Bosnian school he attended would not be complete if we did not mention that the unfortunate boy lived in a nationally mixed, Croat-Muslim family…

Two schools under one roof

written by Ena Duranović, Bosnia and Herzegovina

”Two schools under one roof” is a phenomenon that has existed in the educational system of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2003. Bosniak and Croat children go to schools located in the same buildings, but attend different curriculum programs, using different textbooks and languages…

Balkan Youth Needs Jobs

written by Deutsche Welle, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The article Young people in southeastern Europe need jobs, published on Deutsche Welle broacasting service’s website, reports about a Catholic charity Renovabis efforts’ to draw attention to the lack of perspectives for young people in southern and eastern Europe. Pero Sudar, the Franciscan auxiliary bishop of Sarajevo, emphasizes that some 70 percent of Bosnian youth… Continue reading Balkan Youth Needs Jobs