Youth Problems in the Town of Brod

Nataša Božanović, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The town of Brod in Bosnia is a small place on the Sava river, opposite to a larger Croatian town of Slavonski Brod, but with a lot of problems. One of these problems is lack of opportunities for youth in the city. The main reason for the lack of opportunities is because Brod doesn’t have a lot of education choices for specializations in some fields like medicine, philosophy, and many others. If young people from Brod want to get higher education they must leave the town and go somewhere else, because Brod doesn’t have any universities.

Brod also has a cultural problem because there is no cinema in the city, there isn’t a lot of choice for sports. Infrastructure and roads are not in good shape because there is no maintenance. Some buildings are still in a really bad shape since the war. One of the biggest problems is unemployment of young people in Brod because there aren’t many job opportunities. A large amount of people are moving out of Brod to find a better future somewhere else.

Ambulance transporting furniture instead of sick people
Center of city doesn’t have working street lights
Damaged roads

We asked citizens of Brod what would they change in the city of Brod so people would stop leaving this city. We used facebook.

The questions were: “What would have to change in the city so people would stop leaving it? What are young people missing in Brod? Are you satisfied what Brod has to offer? Would you like to leave Brod?”

Her answer was: “Nothing has to be changed in Brod you just have to move out of it. The young people are lacking culture. I am not satisfied by the city that offers nothing. I will definitely move out of Brod because I want a better future.”

Her answer was: “In my city Brod people must change everything that has something to do with young people. They have to give us more places where we can work, we need more places where we can go out. We need more respect. What my city gives us is not enough. We haven’t got a future, that’s why young teenagers and adults leave our city every day more and more.”

Her answer was: “For people to stop leaving Brod we need a strong government organization. So the new companies can open from which the citizens would have benefits. Young people are missing so much the main things that are missing are culture and sport. I am not happy with my life here the unemployment is high i want to move out so I can have a better future somewhere else.”

These gloomy predictions of the local dissatisfied youth should be a warning to the town and municipality officials to do something for those young people in Brod who still remain here and deserve a better future.