Harmonizing Critical and Creative Thinking:
A Blueprint for Success

written by Mr Mohamed Fethi, Algeria

In this article, we explore the symbiotic relationship between critical and creative thinking. We’ll delve into how these two modes of thought intersect and complement each other, forming a powerful toolkit for navigating the complexities of modern life. From their applications in various contexts to their role in personal and professional growth, we’ll uncover the myriad benefits of embracing a balanced approach that integrates both critical and creative thinking.

Raising the creativity of children through art

written by MS DJAOUAHIR DJELAILI, Algeria

Understanding creativity in children is a multi-faceted exploration that underpins their holistic development. In the context of child development, creativity can be defined as the innate ability to generate novel ideas, thoughts, and expressions, often transcending conventional boundaries. It encompasses various dimensions, including imaginative thinking, problem-solving prowess, and the aptitude for self-expression.

The Game of Lie

written by TADJEDDINE Hayet, Algeria

In our society where technology took over our personal lives, It’s really another world behind our phone screens, a perfect world, everything is complete. We see thousands of stories and publications every day and we don’t know who’s real, who’s perfect and who’s just hiding behind his phone screen.


written by Derbal Feriel Houaria, Algeria

‘’ Mental health … is not a destination , but a process.  It’s about how you drive , not where you’re going ‘’[1]                                              NOAM SHANCER,PHD        Mental health it’s being able to think to act and feel things so as to enjoy the life and to overcome the difficulties our moods our thoughts and … Continue reading MENTAL HEALTH

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Is Politics  become the root of all evil?

written by Kharrouby Selim Kheir Eddine, Algeria

I am going to tell you 3 stories-
The first one is about the USA and the middle east. The second one is about the Algerian regime and how he ruled the country for 20 years. The third one is about how the Arab countries accepted the existence of Israel.

The homelessness

written by Fatima Zohra Taourit, Algeria

Homelessness is a serious social scourge that strikes the family at its core, and threatens society with the proliferation of other more dangerous scourges.

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Economic Financial Crisis sheds Darkness on Lebanon

written by Hamdouche Meriem, Algeria

The so-called Switzerland of the Middle East is having a deep crisis by all accounts, which made the economy collapse and led it to a debt default. The situation has escalated since the financial crisis of 2019, for the consequences were serious, namely; the collapse of the Lebanese currency

MediActive Youth Project
website created


As part of the “Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board” project coordinated by CDER, a special website dedicated to media literacy and media activism of young people was created: https://mediactiveyouth.org The overall project objective is to build the capacity of youth organizations, youth workers and young people, and to develop new educational online resources in… Continue reading MediActive Youth Project
website created

Media literacy training for youth workers successfully implemented


Within MEDIActive Youth project on media literacy, the training course has been successfully held in Belgrade from 25th June to 2nd July 2022. The training, hosted by Centar za drustveno ekonomski razvoj (CDER), had 21 youth worker participants, 3 from each partner NGOs. It was led by experienced CDER trainers. The goal of the training… Continue reading Media literacy training for youth workers successfully implemented