Government, people and media in Serbia

Ksenija Petrović, Serbia

The media is a mirror of every society. The Seventh Force, guardians of public order and peace, fighter for equality, justice and instruments that strive to preserve morals and ethics. Sounds like the most boring definition of what the media should represent, right? It’s not like that! The first sentence of this comment may be valid in a “happyland” and a country that is in the “golden age” and which has the highest economic growth in the region… Maybe I’m still talking about Serbia? Those who watch “pink and happy” broadcasters who brainwash the half-literate Serbian people every day, would certainly agree that this is a “golden age”. Under the influence of one man who controls absolutely everything, you can’t expect different perceptions. The “narcotic dysfunction” of the media in Serbia operates at an enviable level. In the union between me as a person who should defend the truth and frequent interests as required by the profession and what is placed on small screens day by day, I consider as my greatest success that my grandmothers do not believe that they are better and do not round the famous number 1 in the elections. To be simpler, here they laugh in the face of an ordinary man, unconstitutionally take his pension and he reclines in an armchair as he said that he is better. And it is, because he believes he is better. In Serbia, it seems as if you have no right to choose. Serbia has reached that level of media freedom, to cry for Milosevic’s time. Let us not go deeper into Milosevic’s subject matter, the message is clear. The TV program looks something like this: he, he, he, they, the ruling party, 589 new fountains, a visit to Kyrgyzstan, livestream, the Minister of the Army who did not serve the military service, the head of the BIA, “a potter” from Krusevac, the so-called Bata Santos-God of coffee, Prime Minister, a woman who does her homework, and she is important as Mirko Cvetković in 2009. Etc., etc., etc. There is a very small number of media, we can almost count them on the fingers of one hand, which oppose the hypocrisy of the Government. A couple of TV shows, mostly launched on YouTube, because grandma doesn’t even know what YouTube is. The “password” of the media in Serbia is more and more reminiscent of the famous “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

This is exactly what “Studio B” did, once the embodiment of youth, common sense, journalism as it once was, with the spirit of the Belgrade old school, from which the greatest journalistic names of the old state came. We could by 2078. new era to sit like this and enumerate, get annoyed, maybe even hurt yourself, but the truth remains the same. Dear people, you hava a choice… continue to watch day and night the doctor of the imaginary who builds Venice and Paris in Simanovci (what a paradox) or simply turn off the TV.