How COVID-19 has affected youth

Magdalena Jevtić, Serbia

Since the outset of the pandemic more than 70 per cent of youth who study or combine study with work have been affected by the closing of schools, universities and training centres. According to some reports many young people have said that they were learning less because of the transition to online school and this situation has been even worse for the youth living in lower income families or countries because they have lack of equipment, less access to internet etc.

This is also a global problem because first of all it’s global pandemic so, in my opinion education system is failing to educate our youth.

This pandemic also has had an impact on youth’s mental well being.

And how can it not, we are trapped in our houses and expected to do well at school or online job (if we have one), no human contact because of lockdown and only way to see outdoors is through computer screen.That is in my opinion depressing.

I know that it’s best for our health and health of our close ones to stay inside but it’s really challenging for us on many levels.

It’s hard to focus on your obligations when every single day is the same.

We wake up, turn on our computers and listen to lectures, or do our work online.

Also, because of this situation most young people are anxious and worried because they have to choose their future job, career, life path… and how to do that when you live in world where you have to wear a mask all of the time, where it’s only online school and when you know that maybe this is how life is going to be from now on.

Now, who would like to teach people through computer screen, or work 8 or more hours a day with a mask or gloves.

It really makes you put your finger on your forehead and think about what is life going to look like.