Meeting of the Permanent Expert Team on EU Youth Dialogue & participation in EU Youth Conference 2021


The first meeting of the Permanent Expert Team for EU Youth Dialogue, a permanent expert body of the Youth Council of the Government of the Republic of Serbia was held on June 21, 2021.

This body is in charge of conducting EU Youth Dialogue at the national level. It consists of representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of European Integration, National Association of Youth Workers (NAPOR), National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS), as well as representatives of the national agency Erasmus + – the Foundation Tempus and other independent experts.

The task of the national working groups is to ensure consultations within country with all relevant youth policy actors, but also with individuals from the youth population (especially those in local communities), in order to ensure that the informations obtained from the consultation process reflect the real condition of youth policy at the national level.

On the meeting, the functioning and dynamics of work of The Permanent Expert Team was discussed, as well as the priorities that the Permanent Expert Team will deal in the coming period – such as amendments to the Law on Youth and revision of the National Youth Strategy (for period 2015 – 2025). The goal of this process is to involve more young peope through process consultation.